Thursday, August 22, 2013


Okay, okay...

I know I have about a bazillion things I need to catch up on here at Green and Blue Brownes, but as I started typing this list of things Piercy Joye said today into my Facebook status, I realized that blogs exist for a reason. I was about to post a 500 word Facebook status.


Time to start blogging again.

So, I'll kick off my restart with this amazing list of things P said today.  She is seriously crazy. Sometimes I wonder if she's two and a half or four and a half. All I know is that GB and I are in trouble. I seriously just die repeatedly.  This girl!

On our run:
-When I was a little girl, I used to live under a bridge like this one.
-Mommy, Harlon asked me if I could borrow his Puppy Lovie, and I said yes. Since I don't have Little Bear.

On the subject of the masquerade ball mentioned in King Bidgood's in the Bathtub:
-(sits straight up in bed) MOMMY! I am going to a ball with Aunt Taylor!

*Note: Piercy is going to be my dear friend Taylor's flower girl in ~6 weeks and I've told her that if she does an amazing job, she'll be invited to go to the ball (reception) afterward. She just saw Disney's Cinderella for the first time last week, so clearly that message got through.

Walking into the grocery:
-It's so sunny out here! How is that even possible?

On the toilet:
-Unfortunately you can't come in here. I need some privacy.

On having a summer cold:
-When I wake up from my nap, it will help my cough to watch a movie or Superwhy on the couch. I don't care. You can choose.  It doesn't matter.
-My rumbly chest keeps growling because I have gunk in my throat.
-I think we need to call Dr. Dawson so we can get some medicine.
-I know! I've got it! I think I need to go back to sleep so I can get better.

At bedtime:
-Mommy, you are precious to me and God.
-Mommy, what is God like?
-Is Taylor Swift in her bed too? Where is her bed?
-Can you sing me a song about me?
-Are my friends coming over now?
-Tomorrow morning Daddy will be home and he will make me... SAUSAGE BALLS!!! (except...he gets home Saturday, sweet baby)